We will be adhering to the Maine State regulations for camp this winter. Our main objective is to keep both our campers and staff healthy. Below you will find our guidelines as of 12/2020.

Before coming to camp:

•If you or anyone in your household have exhibited any flu-like symptoms or had a fever of 100.4  or  greater, camp respectfully asks that you do not come. If you are interested in rescheduling for a later date, depending on availability, please contact us.

•If you desire to return to camp at a later date, you will have to wait 2 weeks or provide a negative COVID test result.

•If a camper or staff member cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition, we ask that they arrive with a note from their primary care physician, in hand.

Upon arrival at camp:

•When you arrive, we ask that families remain in their vehicles and please wear masks when our staff come to start your registration.

•The registration process includes: a temperature check for any campers (if it is 100.4 or higher, you will be asked to leave immediately), any payments still unpaid, medical question from our Nurse, and a head check once your child is out of the vehicle.

•We are asking that no parents exit the vehicle this year to limit interaction with campers and staff. We understand this may be difficult as some  parents like to bring their own campers up to our  facility to help them settle in. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

•We will then load campers in our trucks and take them to the lodge.

During the retreat:

•For all activities other than meals or when in your sleeping quarters, everyone will be required to wear an approved mask. We will supply free of charge medical style masks for those who need them.

• We will have mask breaks in dorms throughout the day when needed. We have activity boxes stuffed with board games, card games, coloring, and other activities for each cabin to do while taking their break.

•We will encourage handwashing and other good hygiene.

•Cabin groups will do activities with their cabin only, unless otherwise instructed by the camp or  program director.

•Daily health screenings will take place after breakfast, with every camper and staff having their temperature checked and asked about symptoms.

•If a person is identified with flu-like symptoms, they will be separated and quarantined from the rest of the group.

•If it is determined they have a fever of 100.4 or greater, they will be sent home, with the request that the parents test for coronavirus at their earliest convenience, if deemed necessary.

•If a child is exhibiting flu-like symptoms, but does not have a fever, camp staff will follow the camp health care   professionals recommendation as to whether they should stay or go home.

•Camp staff will contact all parents/and or guardians who have children at camp to let them know a child was sent home due to illness. Parents/Guardians will be given the option to pick up their child or have them continue in the program.

If you have any other concerns, please contact us at blueberrymountain@cefofmaine.org