Northern Maine
Wilderness Day Camps

Southern Aroostook Wilderness Day Camp

Date:  July 25-29, 2022

Time:  9:00 am – 2: 25 pm

Location:  Smyrna

** Bus Transportation (Contact for more info)

Please Contact: Lianne Bourgoin


Presque Isle Wilderness Day Camp

Date:  Aug 1-5, 2022

Time:  8:45 am – 2:30 pm

Location:  Baptist Park,  Mapleton

** Bus Transportation (Contact for more info)

Please Contact:  Ruth Leland


Wilderness Day Camp

Are you looking for a summer adventure?

Wilderness Day Camp is a summer ministry that meets to teach children about Jesus in a fun and loving environment. Throughout the summer there are 3 Wilderness Day Camps that for one week meet Monday to Friday. Camps are located in Southern Aroostook, Central Aroostook, and in the Presque Isle area. Activities include Bible teaching, singing, games, crafts, plus a variety of skill building and water fun. There are daily or weekly themes and contests. Children can earn points and prizes based on their attendance, memorization of Bible verses and game participation.

Teaching, Singing, Games, Crafts, Skill Building, and Water Activities.
Elementary School Age
(Middle School Students can apply as Jr. Helpers)
July 25-29 Southern Aroostook
Wilderness Day Camp
Aug 1-5 Presque Isle/Mapleton Wilderness Day Camp
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