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Luke &
Delia Boyd
Boyd Family

Maintenance & Program Staff

Growing up, Luke and Delia were both very involved in volunteering at CGN and BMBC. As they grew up, they started dating which eventually led to their marriage in December of 2021. Throughout their years of volunteering for CEF in many different capacities, the Lord laid the children of Maine on their hearts. They knew that the children needed to hear the Good News. They felt the Lord working in their lives to become involved in some way. One day Luke got a call from Mr. Romano, and he asked Luke to consider being involved full time with the ministry at Blueberry Mountain Bible Camp. In January of 2023 Luke and Delia moved to the mountain full time to work there. Luke’s role is primarily maintenance, but serves in many other roles as there is lots to do on the mountain. Delia takes care of their daughter Hattie, and volunteers wherever she can.

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