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CEF of Maine Staff

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John Romano<br />State Office
John Romano
State Office
Vernelle Fast<br />State Office
Vernelle Fast
State Office
Donna Labbe<br />State Office
Donna Labbe
State Office
Elaine Oakes<br />State Office
Elaine Oakes
State Office
Financial Administrator
Barney Daigle<br />State Office
Barney Daigle
State Office
Roger Labbe<br />Camp Good News
Roger Labbe
Camp Good News
Jerry Said<br /> Camp Good News
Jerry Said
Camp Good News
Jeremy Brown<br />Camp Good News
Jeremy Brown
Camp Good News
Sarah Brown<br />Camp Good News
Sarah Brown
Camp Good News
Thayne Frost<br />Camp Good News
Thayne Frost
Camp Good News
Jennifer Frost<br />Northern Maine
Jennifer Frost
Northern Maine
Jonathan Ray<br />Central Maine
Jonathan Ray
Central Maine
Jon Dowdy<br />Central Maine
Jon Dowdy
Central Maine
Assistant Director
Jessie Lofton<br />Eastern Maine
Jessie Lofton
Eastern Maine
Lindsey Johnston<br />Eastern Maine
Lindsey Johnston
Eastern Maine
Jeanette Linsey<br />Western Maine
Jeanette Linsey
Western Maine
Kevin Lambertson<br />Southern Maine
Kevin Lambertson
Southern Maine
Donna Woerter<br />Southern Maine
Donna Woerter
Southern Maine
Eliza Bean<br />Blueberry Mountain
Eliza Bean
Blueberry Mountain
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