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Joanna & Calvin
Joanna & Calvin Austin

Media Coordinator/Program Staff

Joanna grew up at Camp Good News, her family moved there full time in the spring of ’98 when she was less than a year old. Her father was on full time staff as a part of the maintenance team and her mother was involved as the camp registrar. Joanna was always involved in serving at Camp and loved the ministry there. After she graduated High School, she attended New Brunswick Bible Institute and graduated 4 years later with a bachelors degree in Theology. She desired to go somewhere else, either in CEF or some other ministry, because Camp Good News was all she had ever known. But as she pursued that, the Lord began to close each and every door, directing her back to where she grew up. She felt the Lord was calling her back to Camp Good News after all. And so she did an internship year there for her 4th year of NBBI and was then hired on as full time staff in May of 2020.
The Lord brought Calvin Austin into her life in 2023 and they got married in December of 2023. They will be serving as a team at Camp Good News, Joanna full time in media and program and Calvin as a volunteer whenever he is not at his full time job as an engineer.

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