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Jerry & Kirsten Said
Said Family

CGN Program Director

Jerry and Kirsten Said have served with Camp Good News since 2019, with Jerry serving as Program Director, and Kirsten serving in a volunteer capacity in a variety of roles. They both attended Camp as children, and as they grew older volunteered as teenagers. Camp was a place where they were challenged, encouraged, and discipled in their walks with God, and where they really learned what serving God means. They met during their summer internship together, fell in love, and were married the following year. Jerry had felt for several years that the Lord was calling him to serve at Camp, and the summer they got married, God saw fit to open up the opportunity for Jerry to come on staff as the Program Director! Since coming on staff in 2019, they have had two children Ezra and Maggie! Kirsten also has worked at Winthrop High School as a History Teacher since 2020, and has really enjoyed the opportunities to minister in her local community in this way! They live on the campground and enjoy being able to spend time with their children in God's beautiful creation!

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