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Why enroll my child in Good News Club?

Caring Teachers- Those who volunteer to teach a Good News Club do so because they love kids! They will seek to get to know your child and their interests and ensure that they are well cared for during their time at Good News Club.

Positive Role Models- Volunteers seek to be an example to kids in every way. Good News Club is an environment for your child to be consistently encouraged, make friendships with kids of all ages, and have adults they (and you) can trust and look up to.

Safe Atmosphere- Your child’s safety is of utmost importance! All Good News Club teachers and helpers are screened according to our protection policy prior to serving.

Character building- Love others, be thankful, obey what mom and dad say- do these sounds like character qualities you desire your child to develop? In Good News Club, these principles and more are taught to your children through songs, games, Bible Lessons, stories, and fun! At Good News Club, your kids will learn about God who loves them and showed his love by doing what we couldn’t do on our own- providing a rescuer- his own son, Jesus. They will be encouraged to develop lifelong character after Jesus’ example.

Fun- Good News Club isn’t just learning, it is fun! With games, interactive activities, snacks, parties and prizes, your kids will look forward to attending each week! Often a parent will tell the tale of their child willingly missing another fun activity or unwilling to miss a day of school on their club day because “They just can’t miss going to Good News Club!”

Games, Arts & Crafts, Song Time, Bible Study, and More!
Elementary and Middle School
October - April
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