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God provided a godly heritage for Jeanette through her Christian parents, grandmother
and earlier generations. She trusted in Christ as her Savior and Lord at an early age and
believed God’s will for her life was in some type of missionary work. After finishing
Bible College and waiting on God for His clear direction, an opportunity came along to
work with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Washington State. Very soon this became a
settled place of service for Jeanette.
Eleven years were spent in CEF work in Washington and British Columbia.
In 1977, Jeanette and her partner in ministry, Irene Wynn, were invited to work with CEF of
Maine in the Central Maine Chapter. Jeanette and Irene enjoyed many years working in
Central Maine. (Irene was called Home in 1997.)
In 2013 there was a need for CEF leadership in Western Maine. It is now Jeanette’s joy to have a part in reaching children for the Lord in Oxford, Kennebec and Franklin Counties.

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