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So What is a Good News Club?
Well, that's a great question!

Good News Clubs are after school programs where elementary and middle school students can participate in games, scripture study, and song time together. We are in dozens of schools in the northern Maine area, and we'd love to have you come and join us. Also please visit our Northern Maine EVENTS PAGE to see a list of Clubs going on now. (Link on our Northern Maine Webpage)

Games, Arts & Crafts, Song Time, Bible Study, and More!
Elementary and Middle School
During the School Year

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  • My stepmom said I should go try it… I liked being around other kids.
    Ellyanna Rollins
    Good News Club
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  • We play games like dodgeball, catch marbles, and a lot of things that are like that.
    Lydia Castaneda
    Good News Club
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  • Seeing the love from others that they’re getting, and getting a listening ear from leaders. I think that’s important, hearing about Jesus and His love, and that there’s hope for them.
    Emily Richard
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  • There’s about 8500 people on our island. Of that 8500 only 5% go to any Gospel preaching church at all.
    Dan Veneble
    Pastor | Cornerstone Baptist Church
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  • "A lot of those kids aren’t necessarily growing up in believing families, and it’s just another opportunity to reach out to them."
    Joe Dunton
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  • "We know the song ‘God So Loved The World! I like that song."
    Sophia and Natalie
    Good News Club
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