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Sophia & Natalie

Sophia is 8, and Natalie is 7, and are enjoying 3rd and 1st grade respectively. And they love Good News Club! “We sometimes play games, teachers tell Bible stories. [My favorite is] when Jesus died on the cross. It’s very important to me. It makes me happy.” says Sophia. “We know the song ‘God So Loved The World’. I like that song. I always listen to God songs.” Natalie adds. They have been going to Good News Club for several years after being invited by friends. They say that Good News Clubs are important because “you learn about Jesus.” They look forward to inviting their friends to come learn about Jesus, too!”

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  • There’s about 8500 people on our island. Of that 8500 only 5% go to any Gospel preaching church at all.
    Dan Veneble
    Pastor | Cornerstone Baptist Church
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  • "We know the song ‘God So Loved The World! I like that song."
    Sophia and Natalie
    Good News Club
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